Here you can relax, pick fruits and herbs...

Every season is special

If you love to hike, this is the place.

Most of our sheep are tame and can be
hand-fed and petted.

In the summer Keyboard lessons often
take place on the patio.


Before you explore the little town of Geraberg with three bakeries, butchers, original Thuringian restaurants, a heated public pool in the middle of the forest, a unique sauna or the first German Museum of Thermometers you can already discover a lot of things and start activities in our garden... pick fruits and vegetables depending on the season (apples, plums, rasberries, cherries...), smell fresh herbs and flowers, play with the sheep, use the swing or the ping pong table.
As a special service we offer keyboard lessons for children. adults and seniors on all levels.

vacation rentals
"Zur Ulme"

Jochen Lamprecht
Bahnhofstr. 23
98716 Geraberg

Tel.: 03677-792308
0721 151 517 908


in the middle of beautiful nature and close to culture, history and recreation.
We would be delighted if one of our comfortable vacation apartments will serve as a starting point for your individual discoveries of the Thuringian forest and it's surroundings, as well as a place where you can relax and revive.